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When the protective layer of teeth (enamel) is worn away or gums recede, the dentine underneath becomes exposed. When the exposed dentine comes in contact with hot, cold, sweet or sour food and drinks, it can trigger a sharp short sensation called tooth sensitivity. Sensodyne Fresh Gel is a daily fluoride toothpaste that helps protect against tooth sensitivity, while still providing the benefits of a regular paste like strong teeth and health gums. It also has a cool refreshing taste that leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean. With twice daily brushing, you can enjoy your favorite foods and drinks without the worry of sensitive teeth. Sensodyne Fresh Gel tooth paste is available in four packs - 75 gm, 150 gm, 450 gm (150 gm * 3) and 450 gm (150 gm - Buy 2 Get 1 free) combo pack. Always follow instructions and guidance included on the pack before use.

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