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Fabric Whitener ALA

₹ 89

About This Product 

What if we told you, you could dress up in your brightest best every day without having to spend a fortune on buying new clothes? With Rin Ala, you can now achieve the perfect shine on all your whites and that ‘crispness’ you’ve been wanting to experience, on your favourite set of formal wear! We understand that maintenance of your cotton and terry cots can be quite a task for you and takes not just a lot of your time and effort, but also a lot of money into various whitening products that probably don’t work. So, why worry when Rin is here? Rin Ala’s highly advanced bleach releases oxygen when added to water, which removes the toughest of stains and makes your white clothes spotless and bright, so much that you will be absolutely surprised to see the minimal amount of rinsing or scrubbing it would ever require. Add a cap of this fabric whitener to your clothes and watch some magic happen in just a few minutes! Did we also tell you wearing them on post-wash would feel like a dream? With Rin Ala, you will feel your confident best and outshine your own self every day – quite literally! Rin Ala Fabric Whitener (Fabric Bleach) 500ml assures whiteness & removes tough stains.

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