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Fruit Power - Pine Apple

₹ 124

₹ 130


the easiest way for you to conveniently include the wholesomeness of pineapple in your daily diet. The beverage is prepared using the best quality pineapples sourced from select farms which are then converted into your favourite pineapple juice. Every 1-litre pack comes with Réal Fruit Power and the nutritional value of 2 pineapples! Today, Réal Fruit Power has a range of 16 exciting variants of fruit juices - from the exotic Indian Mango, Mosambi, Guava, Plum & Litchi to international favourites like Pomegranate, Tomato, Cranberry, Peach, Blackcurrant, Apricot & Grape and the basic Orange, Pineapple, Apple & Mixed Fruit. You can inculcate the goodness of these healthy fruit juices in your daily life with the various fruit juice mocktail recipes Real Fruit Power offers!

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