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Pure & Gentle Shower Gel

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Did you know that glycerine is one of the well-known ingredients, that helps preserve the natural moisture of your skin? Pears Pure & Gentle Body Wash with 98% pure glycerine is known to hydrate and moisturise, for glowing skin. Pears Pure & Gentle Body Wash also has natural oils and gentle cleansers, that leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and moisturised. Its formula is 100% soap-free, yet it cleanses your skin thoroughly, leaving it feeling refreshed. It has a pleasant, soothing and refreshing fragrance too. 

Pears Body Wash can also be used as a handwash, it removes 99.9% germs (as per lab test is done in 2020 on select germs) Try Pears Pure & Gentle Body Wash 

1) With 98% pure glycerine 

2) 100% Soap Free 

3) Gentle enough for daily use even on delicate skin 

4) Dermatologically Tested Pears Pure & Gentle Body Wash is easy to use

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